jah wobble & the invaders of the heart -
glastonbury festival, UK, june 26th, 1992

Running Order:

Running Time:
40 minutes (approx)

Sound Quality:
(8) Quality Audience Recording
Tape Gradings Explained here

review by SCOTT M

Slight distortion, possibly recorded too loud.

Considering the amount of gigs he's done over the years there really aren't that many Wobble live tapes doing the rounds. I know of about 15, but even then, they are very rare... This is a good document of The Invaders recorded not long after they 'broke' in 1992. All the material, with the exception of a couple of instrumentals, comes from the excellent 'Rising Above Bedlam' album. Although he does a couple of vocals himself Wobble lets the band, and guests, do their thing. The only time he talks is to introduce the band, or to say thanks to the crowd at the end.

In between tracks you can clearly hear the audience so I reckon this recording comes from a quality tape deck. In general it's very clear though there is a slight bit of distortion, it's probably been taped too loud, there's also a bit of a hiss too, which probably developed as the tape went down the generations. Because it's a festival it's not a full set, but you do get the gist of what the 'Bedlam' era Invaders were like live. Certainly worth getting.


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