PiL - Toronto, Phoenix Concert Hall, Canada,
May 7th, 2010

Running Order:
1. This is Not a Love Song
2. Poptones
3. Memories
4. Tie me to the length of that
5. Albatross
6. Death Disco
7. Flowers of Romance
8. Psychopath
9. Warrior
10. USLS1
11. Disappointed
12. Sun
13. Bags
14. Chant
15. Religion
16. Public image
17. Rise
18. Open Up

Running Time:
120 minutes (approx)

Sound Quality:
(7.5) Average Audience recording
Tape Gradings Explained here

review by Mick C

There are 2 separate recordings of this show.

Two versions of the Toronto show have turned up so far, both complete. One is much better quality than the other, although even the superior version has its faults.

The version of Flowers of Romance tonight lasts for about 11 minutes!

Lydon gets seriously frustrated with the laid back Toronto crowd whom he accuses of being "fucking dead!" and tells them it's "about time they got their act together!" Perhaps this is an acoustics issue because they don't sound terribly reserved on the recording. I've certainly heard worse!


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