PiL - Aberdeen, Capitol Theatre, UK
May 13th, 1986

Running Order:
1. Kashmir
2. FFF
3. Annalisa
4. Fishing Poptones
5. Pretty Vacant
6. Banging the Door
7. Flowers of Romance
8. Bags
9. Tie me to the Length of that
10. Round
11. Home
12. Public image
13. Rise
14. Low Life
15. World Destruction
16. Ease

Running Time:
70 minutes (approx)

Sound Quality:
(8.5) Excellent quality audience recording
Tape Gradings Explained here

review by Mick C

There is a cut between Bags and Tie me. There is a cut after Public image and another after Low Life.

This has to be without a doubt my favourite bootleg from 1986. Aside from the massive 17 song set, the sound quality is second to none and the band pull off a tight and memorable performance, aside from completely butchering FFF. I am actually surprised that this bootleg isn't more widely circulated due to these factors. I myself have only seen it available twice on trading lists in the last 10 years.

John stops the show during Poptones due to some commotion in which 'People are getting hurt' but this is quickly resolved and the show continues. The band walk off after Low Life due to spitting, but come back for two more numbers. The band walk off again during World Destruction due to some moron lobbing a can at Lydon, but return to finish the set.


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