PiL - San Francisco, Elite Club, USA
November 10th, 1982

Running Order:
1. Blue Water
2. Theme
3. Where Are You
4. Annalisa
5. Death Disco
6. No Birds Do Sing
7. Careering
8. Mad Max
9. Attack
10. Religion
11. Bad Baby
12. Chant
13. Low Life
14. Public Image

Running Time:
66 minutes (approx)

Sound Quality:
(8) low gen clear Audience Recording
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review by DINO EVERETT

Final gig in SF with Keith Levene in the line-up, and the 2nd night at the venue.

This is overall a pretty nice tape to listen to. Not maybe as memorable as some of the more chaotic shows but sounds like the crowd was somewhat wound up and chaotic on their own. PiL played in San Francisco many times and based on the tapes and pictures always seemed to do very well, so it is a shame that this would be the last time with Keith. The set is a nice mixture as most shows of this time are.

On the tape you can hear the taper talking with someone about his bootlegging talents and it sounds they are talking about the number of pictures they will get from the gig as well. Would love to see them. A decent and recommended gig.


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