PiL - San Francisco, South of Market Cultural Center, USA, May 10th, 1980

Running Order:
1. Fodderstompf
2. Careering
3. Annalisa
4. Attack
5. Low Life
6. Chant
7. Death Disco
8. Public Image
9. Poptones
10. Home is Where the Heart is
11. Memories

Running Time:
69 minutes (approx)

Sound Quality:
(7.5) Average Audience Recording
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review by DINO EVERETT

The problems surrounding the materialisation of this gig in some ways may have added to Martin Atkins decision to leave the company shortly thereafter. The next traditional concert for the band would not be for another 2+ years, at which time Martin Atkins would be back in the band again. Perhaps had he not left, 1981 would have been a much different year for the band...

Yet another mistake in the Rise/Fall book, 'Bad Baby' was improperly listed as being played when it was in fact it was a loose instrumental version of' 'Fodderstompf'.

The fact that this gig ever happened is somewhat of a miracle if you knew all the problems and rescheduling that went into it. There were three different posters for the gig, which added to the confusion, but the correct date was Saturday May 10, 1980 and it was held at the South of Market Cultural Center in SF.

The place was overcrowded but the tape doesn't really reflect that as the crowd sounds pretty average compared to some of the other SF tapes over the years. The set is a good one, including the 'half mix Megamix' Fodderstompf instrumental and all the "hits". There are a few times John gives the mike to the crowd and they just sing gibberish, especially noticeable on 'Death Disco' and the annoying guy who yells into the tape recorder on 'Chant'. He does it again on 'Home is where the heart is' and asks them to make something up which is probably the better way to go. John does seem to say something about Bill Graham after 'Careering' which would be a reference to the promoter nightmares that surrounded this gig.

This is definitely one every fan should pick up for historical reasons and because it is a pretty good sounding tape.


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