PiL - Seattle, Showbox at Market, USA
April 20th, 2010

Running Order:
1. This is Not a Love Song
2. Poptones
3. Tie me to the length of that
4. Albatross
5. Death Disco
6. Flowers of Romance
7. Psychopath
8. USLS1
9. Warrior
10. Disappointed
11. Sun
12. Memories
13. Bags
14. Chant
15. Religion
16. Public image
17. Rise
18. Open Up

Running Time:
123 minutes (approx) (2 disc)

Sound Quality:
(9) (8 from Disappointed) / High quality audience recording
Tape Gradings Explained here

review by Mick C

"Let the celebrations begiiiiiiin!"
Lydon begins by warning the crowd (who are in fine voice on this recording!) not to jump onto his stage. What follows is a fucking excellent performance.

This is another example of an enthusiastic crowd bringing out the best in the band! Although not everyone in the crowd were enthusiastic as Lydon pulls no punches in pointing out by having a real go at the lazy bastards standing at the back.

The quality for the first half of the show is really good, but takes an unfortunate dip during Disappointed. It sounds as though the settings on the recorder have gotten altered and from then on the bass and drums produce an unbearable distorted thudding sound. It doesn't spoil it completely, but enough.

Aside from technical shortcomings it is still an entertaining one.


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