Radio 1, Rock On, December 7th, 1979
- John Lydon & Keith Levene interview

Running Time:
20 minutes (approx)

Sound Quality:
(8) Low gen FM radio recording
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review by TIM BUCKNALL

This interview is probably the earliest PiL interview to surface in very good quality. It was undoubtedly taped from Radio 1's FM service; which in 1979 was pretty much limited to London and the South East of England.

This is a must-have – not only due to the sound quality – but for the interview content. It's also notable because Keith talks a fair bit; taking turns with John answering questions. As if that wasn't enough reason to seek out this tape it's also the source for some of the most famous PiL quotes: "We take a silly tune and strip it bare…" etc.

John and Keith make it quite clear that they're only doing the interview to get the (newly released) 'Metal Box' played and heard; and sure enough the DJ plays 'Albatross', 'Memories' and 'Radio 4'.

John is fairly hostile, even when the presenter (Trevor Dan) asks an intelligent question, but John and Keith do make some good points and they do manage to state that, contrary to media opinions, the group is a 3 way democracy between themselves and Wobble.

Interestingly, at the very end of the interview DJ Tommy Vance actually gives a very astute summary of proceedings: "John, isn't an easy man to talk to, but if you actually listen to what he says he makes a lot of sense". I couldn't put it better myself! 


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