PiL - Pontiac, Crofoot Ballroom, USA,
April 28th, 2010

Running Order:
1. This is Not a Love Song
2. Poptones
3. Tie me to the length of that
4. Albatross
5. Death Disco
6. Flowers of Romance
7. Psychopath
8. Warrior
9. USLS1
10. Disappointed
11. Sun
12. Bags
13. Chant
14. Religion
15. Public image
16. Rise
17. Open Up

Running Time:
Source 1: 119 minutes (approx)
Source 2: 118 minutes (approx)

Sound Quality:
(8) Very good Audience recording
Tape Gradings Explained here

review by Mick C

There are 2 separate audio recordings of this show. The show was also filmed for a live webcast.

While it may not be the sharpest recording from the tour it is definitely one of the most enjoyable. It's not as quiet as most of the recordings, which means you don't have to turn your speakers all the way up to hear the fucking thing.

Three versions of this gig have actually shown up which is quite impressive. There's 2 audio recordings and a complete video recording, filmed from the balcony.

Both audio recordings are great for different reasons and both are worth having.
At the begining of the recording (Just after Poptones in fact) Lydon has a go at people who are "shouting shit" at him and putting him off. The interference doesn't seem to persist from then on though.

Just before Open Up is where Lydon has his now famous confrontation with the security "lump" who is basically just being an arsehole, and thinking he owns the place.

Very recommended bootleg.


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