PiL - Minneapolis, 1st Avenue, USA
October 25th, 1982

Running Order:
1. Where Are You
2. Annalisa
3. Bad Baby
4. Careering
5. Religion
6. Attack
7. Chant
8. Mad Max
9. Public Image
10. Death Disco
11. Low Life
12. Public Image
13. Under The House

Running Time:
72 minutes (approx)

Sound Quality:
(8) nice and clear low gen Audience Recording
Tape Gradings Explained here

review by DINO EVERETT

The recording is much longer than reported in Rise/Fall book.

This is a nice and clear audience recording of PiL's first visit to Minneapolis. The tape is much longer than the one reported in the Rise/Fall book and includes the encores. While the gig is nice and clear it is also a pretty smooth straightforward gig with no real problems to speak of. At one point after the first version of 'Public Image' John does call out a member of the audience but other than that he hardly speaks throughout the entire gig.

There are a few breaks in the tape but nothing seems lost or inserted. The first occurs after 'Attack' , then there is a fade after 'Mad Max' which is the end of side one of the tape. There is a small break after 'Death Disco' probably the taper just wanting to save tape since the band weren't even there at that point. There is another break after 'Low Life'. I should also point out that the first version of 'Public Image' has a very distracting delay on the vocals. Apparently the soundman was experimenting.


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