London Weekend Show (TV), April 16th, 1978
– John Lydon interview

Running Time:
8 minutes (approx)

Sound Quality:
(6.5) Low quality cassette recording taken from TV broadcast
Tape Gradings Explained here

review by TIM BUCKNALL

A full-length video recording of this TV interview is not known to be in circulation. The interview was conducted outdoors, which adds to the poor sound quality. This was John Lydon's first TV interview on leaving the Sex Pistols.

A key interview in the formation of PiL (after watching this interview Keith Levene got in touch with JL and PiL was born…) and a great indicator of John's feelings at the time.

Sadly the circulating (audio only) copy is poor quality and runs too slow. Possibly originally recorded on a tape recorder placed next to a TV speaker. Very muffled. It's hard to make out much of what is said. Which is a shame, because the bits I can understand reveal some rare unguarded comments by JL.

John had just arrived back from his Jamaican talent scouting trip for the Frontline label; and was engaged in a court battle with Malcolm Mclaren. The interview is wide ranging and in depth. Finally, John gets the chance to have his say on the madness of the previous 2 years. The upcoming court case with Malcolm Mclaren is discussed, as is the pistols final US tour. John also reveals that the 'Pretty Vacant' promo video was aired on BBC 'Top of the Pops' without the bands approval.

Hopefully, someone out there has a better copy of this crucial interview (audio or video). If you do, please contact Fodderstompf…

August 2008 Update: The full interview is available FREE in high quality via archive music video streaming website MUZU TV.


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