PiL - Glasgow, 02 Academy, Scotland, UK
December 18th 2009

Running Order:
1. Rabbit Song (intro)
2. Public image
3. Careering
4. This is Not a Love Song
5. Poptones
6. Albatross
7. Tie me to the length of that
8. The Suit
9. Death Disco
10. Four Enclosed Walls
11. Flowers of Romance
12. Psychopath
13. Disappointed
14. Warrior
15. USLS1
16. Banging the Door
17. Chant
18. Bags
19. Memories
20. Annalisa
21. Religion
22. Sun
23. Rise
24. Open Up

Running Time:
134 minutes (approx) (2 discs)

Sound Quality:
(7) Average quality Audience Recording
Tape Gradings Explained here

review by Mick C

A high definition, excellent quality recording of this gig also exists but it has not yet become public.

This is an upgraded version of the Glasgow 09 recording which is from the same source as the previous, poorer quality version.

However it's a much better transfer than the other recording meaning that a lot of the fuzz and distortion that was so prevalent on the last version has been removed, allowing the listener to hear the band a lot more clearly.

It is still not a great quality recording and those looking for it should not expect too much, but it is an improvement nevertheless.

Between encores the recorder has been allowed to run meaning that the listed running time is fag break inclusive. It also includes the Rabbit Song intro (which was played twice over before the band actually appeared!) so in those respects the recording is complete.

It's probably only the completist who would desire this bootleg, even though it's been tidied up a lot.


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