Radio 1, Paul Gambichni, October 31st, 1978
- John Lydon interview

Running Time:
12 minutes (approx)

Sound Quality:
(6.5) Low Quality Radio Recording
Tape Gradings Explained here

review by TIM BUCKNALL

Low quality mono cassette radio recording, with interference

This is one of the strangest sounding tapes I've ever heard. Most of the sound problems could probably be explained by the fact that it seems to have been taped off AM Radio at nighttime. There's a babble of background chatter behind the conversation, and at one point some music briefly intrudes. There's all manner of  strange phasing and fading effects at various points.

Without a leak from a BBC employee it's unlikely that any better copies will circulate as Radio 1 was broadcast on AM only in 1978.

The interview is notable in that John talks about Keith and Wobble and how he met them. It also gives John his first real chance to set out PiL's manifesto, and explain the differences between PiL and the Pistols. 

Paul Gambichni isn't someone I ever expected to know much about punk and the Pistols, but credit where it's due, he asks some pretty good questions; and Lydon answers them all honestly and frankly.

Despite this, it's still probably only for the completist, as it's a bit of a strain to understand what's being said at some points.


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