PiL - Coachella Vallery Music & Arts Festival, USA -
April 16th 2010

Running Order:
1. This is Not a Love Song
2. Poptones
3. Tie me To the Length of That
4. Albatross
5. Death Disco
6. Flowers of Romance
7. Warrior
8. Memories
9. Bags
10. Chant
11. Religion
12. Public image
13. Rise
14. Open Up

Running Time:
80 minutes (approx)

Sound Quality:
(9) Recorded from internet webcast
Tape Gradings Explained here

review by Mick C

There is also a pro-shot video of the entire performance.

I believe this show was broadcast live via the Coachella website although I didn't catch it myself, so cannot be sure about that. [Fodderstompf: Yes it was, there is some excellent YouTube footage taken from the webcast]

The audio recording is definitely one of the finest from the whole tour. An excellent quality mixing desk recording.

The band sound incredibly tight and the crowd, who let's face it are probably not a hardcore PiL crowd still seem to be blown away by it!

"Nice & fucking accurate and deadly!" Lydon tells the crowd after an amazing version of Warrior. It really can't get much better!

Lydon ends the show by saying; "For those that missed it, you missed a fucking good evening!" Never was a truer word spoken...


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