December 20th, 1978

Running Order:
(2nd set)
1. Soundcheck
2. Theme
3. Belsen Was a Gas
4. Low Life
5. Religion
6. Attack
7. Cowboy Song (1)
8. Cowboy Song (2)
9. Public Image (inst)

Running Time:
55 minutes (approx)

Sound Quality:
(7.5) Quality Audience Recording
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review by SCOTT M

This recording is taken from the 2nd set the band played, including a soundcheck.

This recording of PiL's first ever gig turned up from out of nowhere a few years ago. Given the amount of crowd noise between songs it's most likely an audience recording. Although being a bit 'boomy' (esp the bass) and maybe not being set at the highest recording level, despite the age of the recording it's surprisingly good quality, definitely better than average for an audience recording of the time...

PiL actually did 2 sets at this gig, this tape appears to be from the second show, with an added soundcheck.
This gig and the next in Paris were warm ups for the Xmas Rainbow shows, and to say the Belgian audience didn't know what to expect is an understatement! There's some very confused people shouting for "Sid Vicious" and "Hey ho lets go!"

To cut a long story short, the gig is a bit of a shambles, absolute chaos! They only do 9 songs, and that includes the soundcheck, two versions of the 'Cowboy Song' and an instrumental of 'Public Image!' John finally walks off three songs from the end because he's hurt his voice and because people (or in Lydon's words "Brave cunts") are throwing glasses.

This tape really is a must have for PiL fans. I could fill two pages talking about it...


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