July 11th, 1989

Running Order:
1. Warrior
2. Happy
3. This is Not a Love Song
4. Home
5. Round
6. Brave New World
7. Same Old Story
8. The Body
9. Open and Revolving
10. Rise
11. Disappointed
12. Public Image

Running Time:
50 minutes (approx)

Sound Quality:
(9) Quality Soundboard Recording
Tape Gradings Explained here

review by Steve Miller

There is a little "glitch" right after 'Brave New World' ends, but it last for about a second. This gig was part of 'The Monsters of Alternative Rock' tour with the Sugarcubes and New Order.

As PiL come on stage, you can hear someone say, "It's P...i...L (the person spells out the letters instead of saying, "PiL"...)..." After the opening notes of 'Warrior' Lydon says, "Good day, this is Public Image Limited.... you... get off your arse..." and so goes one of the best live bootlegs I've ever heard of my entire collection.
Lydon is in full "get up and dance!!" mode, yelling it between most songs through the show. I can see why people said back then that PiL stole these shows. This disc is amazing.
After 'Brave New World', Lydon comments how "laid back" the crowd is and someone yells "boring!" (jokingly). Then Lydon says, "We'll try harder if you do..." then comes a fucking blistering version of 'Same Old Story', to which Lydon screams again at the intro, "get up, get up!!!!" The version of 'Same Old Story' tears the '9' version to shreds. I've always thought the sound quality of 'Same Old Story' was a bit lower on '9' than the rest of the songs, therefore a bit hard to enjoy. This version more than makes up for it.
Next up 'Rise' and, of course, it gets the crowd up and going with Lydon asking "What is anger?..." to the crowd, and then responding back himself with, "It's energy, you fucking arseholes..."
'Disappointed' gets a really wonderful response being it the "hit" at the time in the States. It's good to hear an excellent response to a McGeoch/Dias/Edmonds/Smith - era song since the line-up is so overlooked and underrated in my view. Lydon adds a few great comments of sarcasm with "let's cry together...friendship...boo-fucking-hoo..."
Lastly, a driving 'Public Image' with a very satisfied crowd.
Lydon and the band sounds so excellent during this show. All focus these days is on the Levene/Wobble/Atkins line-up. As great as that line-up were, in my view, the line-up on this disc is a lot tighter, a lot funner, and a lot more diverse.


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