PiL - Boston, Orpheum Theatre, USA
April 18th, 1980

Running Order:
1. Careering
2. Annalisa
3. Attack
4. Poptones
5. Low Life
6. Public Image
7. Fodderstompf
8. Death Disco
9. Bad Baby
10. Home is Where the Heart Is
11. Theme
12. Chant
13. Another
14. Instrumental Jam
15. Public Image
16. Memories

Running Time:
90 minutes (approx)

Sound Quality:
(6.5) Muddy Audience Recording
Tape Gradings Explained here

review by DINO EVERETT

The first US gig, and the first live recordings of 'Fodderstompf', and the debut of the new track 'Home is Where the Heart is'.

It is really a shame that this tape is not a little better in quality as this is the first US gig, and a rather long gig at that. Running through 15 songs total and almost an hour and a half. John for the most part doesn't seem to talk to the audience that much and when he does it is very hard to make out what he is saying.

The tape starts out with some serious modulation but clears up around the third song or so. There are also points in the set where there is terrible feedback at the end of a song. There is a slight tape cut after 'Fodderstompf' and again after 'Death Disco' but this one is due to the end of a tape side.

The instrumental after 'Another' is really just Wobble's refusal to stop playing and they go into an impromptu jam to end the song for three minutes or so during which it seems like Lydon has left the stage. They do come back after a couple of minutes of cheering to do an encore of 'Public Image' and 'Memories'.

Again a real shame this tape isn't better quality...


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