PiL - Les Ardentes Festival, Liège, Belgium,
July 11th, 2010

Running Order:
1. This Not a Love Song
2. Poptones
3. Memories
4. Tie me to the length of that
5. Albatross
6. Flowers of Romance
7. Death Disco
8. Warrior
9. Disappointed
10. Bags
11. Chant

Running Time:
59 minutes (approx)

Sound Quality:
(8.5) High quality audience recording
Tape Gradings Explained here

review by Mick C

Incomplete recording.

The sound quality is perfect on this recording and it was another massively entertaining gig. Unfortunately its an incomplete recording as apparently the bootlegger's recorder died.

To my knowledge no other audience master has surfaced (yet) but fingers crossed that both Belgian 2010 dates were captured in their entirety and show up sooner or later.

During This is Not a Love Song there was unfortunately some moron who kept roaring at the top of his voice, so unfortunately it's on the recording, but its the only song like that.

Death Disco, Warrior and Bags sound immense!


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