John Lydon:
South Park : Behind the Menu (aka Canned Ham)

Comedy Central, USA, 1998

Running Time: 22 mins (approx)

review by Scott M, May 1999 (First published F&F 9)
© 1999 / F&F Publishing

As mentioned in F&F8 John narrates this spoof documentary on the making of the now legendary Chef Aid tribute! The show was first broadcast late last year in the US, and was shown by Sky in January, followed by a screening on Channel 4 in early May. In case you don't watch South Park I suppose I better explain the plot... Chef has been fined $2 Million by a court for "harassing the music business" after he tried and failed to sue Capitalist Records for stealing one of his legendary recordings, 'Stinky Britches' you must know it? Anyway, Chef has 24 hours to pay and the kids arrange a benefit gig for him to raise cash, and this doc is a look behind the scenes on how it was made...

To be honest John's hardly in it. You don't see him at all, and all he really does is link the various interviews with the likes of Flea, Elton John, Meatloaf, Ozzy, Joe Strummer etc together. It's obvious it's all scripted, but there's some good vocalising from John, "Rrrrancid, Prrrrimus" etc, and he really does do his best to sound bored when saying Elton John. I have to say I was surprised John got such a high profile show as South Park, if anything I would have expected him to turn up as a character, Johnny Rotten is pure South Park don't you think? ("Oh my god, they've killed Sidney"). If you're a South Park fan you'll love this, if not, it's one for the hardcore collectors only. It shouldn't be long before it's out on video too...


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