Sounds, January 1986

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The teeth are yellow, the eyes are ablaze in the customary manner, and the hair is whatever you want it to be. Most of Mr Bastard's admirers had assumed the old sod must be living it up in the States, content to scoff chocolates by day and guzzle beer by night Instead he's been preparing new material, learning how to sing and getting into the correct frame of mind for some real chart action. Our astonishment will amuse him no end.

'Rise' takes things at a gentle pace, becoming steadily more infectious as it progresses, Mr Swine's crooning growing increasingly barbed, returning finally to the familiar howl of days gone by. 'Rise' reminds me of 1978, Paul Young, 1983, The Strawbs, 'Metal Box', cowboys and Kerrang!

Within a couple of weeks, Mr Shit is certain to mumble a rude word of some description on the telly. But since he's such an obnoxious bugger, the irony (the synchronicity) will be completely lost on him.

This man's talent is immeasurable.


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