Sounds, April 1989

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Johnny's being dreadfully naughty again. As he's just about clever enough to know that the game of outrage is nowadays as complex and convoluted as a World Chess Tournament, he's settled (rather lazily we think) for outraging his former fans. He's been doing this for several years now, with a remarkable degree of success, each of his ever-more mainstream gestures being greeted with howls of horror and delight from every former punk. This, however, is his apotheosis, Anarchy's Voice finally framed and tamed by silky satin, textureless AOR. From John's vacuumed perspective this must feel like his most singularly contentious statement to date. But for us and anyone else who never gave a monkey's about punk (and these that's just about everyone), it's as meaningful as Freddie Mercury recording with Montserrot Caballe.


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