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And I know what you're thinking. This is merely the old pals act, he's met 'em, drank with' em and now feels obliged to rave about their dodgy product Well stick it because I love this record as my neighbours would testify. The quake of soul-vibrating bass literally jumping about you.
'Memories' is PiL's most aggressive record to date. A scandalous cut out section of rhythm and rock, streets ahead of any other' 45 for months, I'll be damned if this group are the no-hopers that public opinion is wont to rumour. And enough of this 'confusing' and 'intriguing' guff, too. The power beats hotter than most anywhere, it's as plain as the nose on your face, and a dose on those who crib about his voice not crooning sweet for their ears. Here, Rotten slices through cleaner than at any previous time with this outfit.

"This person's had enough of useless memories
As far as I can see
Clinging desperately
Imagining, pretending
No personality
Dragging on and on and on and on"

First off, I'd say the bite was directed at the current industry fascination for me in suits. The backbeat of Wobble and the ex-Dudanski will drag the shudders from even the most timid hi-fi and Levine is guitar ghosts around the backdrop in the most distorted shades thus far

"Your words are useless
Full of excuses
Someone has used you well"

Certainly no quarter for DJ's to waffle out dedications on the airwaves; 'Memories' has no place within todays broadcasting set-up. PiL don't know their place... Damned spoilsports.

"It should be clear by now. "

Some things are crystal clear. Attack. Attack. Attack, Attack, Attack!


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