LOVESONG (1998 Remix)

Bootleg white label 12"

review by Scott M, May 1999 (First published F&F 9)
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LOVESONG (1998 Remix)I never knew anything about this unofficial 12" white label until very late last year. However, apparently it surfaced around October. As with all white labels it comes in a plain sleeve and has no record label or catalogue number stated. In fact the only info on the whole disc is a simple "LoveSong" stamped in red on the label, and a vinyl scratching stating the same thing on the run off groove. The shop where I bought it added their own sticker to the label which credits the disc to "John Lydon / Public Image Ltd" but despite this I reckoned it was simply a bootleg, however, after JL's comments in his recent Times interview, where he claimed that from time to time he releases "Techno" singles under a different name, I'm not so sure, maybe that could explain where this originates from, who knows? (ED: He later complete;y denied it. I was wrong!)

It has to be said it's a great version, whoever did it has made a great job of it, they haven't tried to re-do the song, they've simply used pieces of it to make a completely new song. The whole track has a very 'housey' feel to it and it sort of reminds me more of Moby's 'Go' than PiL's 'Love Song'...

It starts with a lengthy drum intro, followed by the pulsing 'Love Song' bass line, there's a brief pause and an unknown voice states "No more music cock suckers"! and then the familiar 'Love Song' synth's start to kick in. In total the track lasts around six and half minutes, but it has to be more than half way in before you hear any of John's vocals, and even then all that's used are some grunts, and the repetitive "This is not a love song" line. Once the vocals start the track doesn't change much, and it mainly relies on the synth and the dancey drums to carry it . There's a few small surges in tempo here and there but that's really it. However, as I say, I really like it, and the only real criticism I'd have of it is that it doesn't last long enough. I suppose it's possible John Lydon did this track himself, it's certainly good enough... it's a mystery!

I got this disc from a "dance" music shop and places like that will be your best bet to find a copy, I wouldn't imagine many copies were pressed, and I'm sure it'll be become a rarity, though be warned, don't expect to get much change out a tenner...

Incidentally, I remember being in someone's car years ago (around 93, I think) and hearing a dance track that had sampled the "This is not a love song" line, I asked my mate if he knew anything about it, but surprise, surprise he didn't. The only thing he knew was that it was featured on some XL compilation album, maybe it was a predecessor to this track, or maybe it was just coincidence, if anybody knows please let me know... It's possible the track was 'I like John' by Hardcore, aka Dave Clarke. (XL Recordings, XLT-13, 1/90), does anyone know for sure?


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