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The PiL sessions With John (aka Rotten Sex Pistols) Lydon, Mr Lydon had a reputation for pissing all over the console, throwing chairs, instruments, tapes, and indulging in extreme verbal abuse. Being a Pistols/PiL fan Nick jumped at the chance. The first session went very slowly due to the engineer/co-producers inability to work the then new experimental "B" series SSL console. This resulted in Nick constant to-ing and frow-ing from his tape operator position at the back of the mix room, to actually getting the sounds at the console. This eventually got John so pissed off he said: "Nick! For fuck's sake stop acting like a fucking yo-yo, you're making me dizzy. Move your chair to the console and show this pathetic wanker which knob to turn".

Later that day the engineer left to go and have a pee. Lydon promptly got up and locked the door. The engineer thumped on the door then called on the intercom John told him: "Your position has been taken.. Kindly fuck off". The recording was successfully finished at 7am the next morning. Nick relationship with PiL blossomed to the point where he was asked to co-produce their next record: 'The Flowers of Romance'. The LP was written almost entirely in the studio and got a lot of praise in the UK press for it's sonic oddities.

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