Various Artists: Death Disco
Songs From Under The Dance Floor 1978 - 1984

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review by Scott M, February 2004
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DD CompThis EMI post-punk compilation CD features PiL's 'Death Disco' (7" Mix) along with along with 'Haile Unlikely by the Electric Dread' from the 1979 Steel Leg EP, featuring Keith and Wobble, along with Don Letts (click here for full info). This is the first time anything from Steel Leg has ever received a CD release and is worth buying for that fact alone... The set compiled by Roger Quail (Cabaret Voltaire / Clock DVA) also includes sleevenotes with background info. And while it's good to see Fodderstompf was helpful, it's just a pity they didn't pay a bit more attention, as (for the 900th time) John Lydon has no involvement in the Steel Leg... !

The disc also features the likes of Throbbing Gristle, Delta 5, Gang of Four, XTC, Human League & Buzzcocks, and at around only £6 it's well worth checking out. It's certainly far more interesting than EMI Catalogue's usual 'punk by number' compilation's, and it's great exposure for so many rare and obscure tracks especially now 'post-punk' is so popular with 'the kids' ...


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