Punk Skunk Funk EP


PUBLIC IMAGE (Rotten To The Core 7") / PUBLIC IMAGE (This is Not a Dub Song) / ROCKSTEADY / STREET GOLD BABY / PUBLIC IMAGE (LP Version)

Running Time: unknown

review by Scott M, January 1998 (First published F&F 8)
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Punk Skunk Funk EPThis "drum & bass" cover version of PiL's classic 'Public Image' by dance duo Supercharger was supposed to have been released in December, but I had trouble finding it, I eventually got it straight from the record company, but even then it was only a promo CD, I'm pretty sure it was released but it could be hard to find...

Anyway, I say "drum & bass" cover, that's not strictly true, it's a fairly fast paced dance version, obviously completely different to the original. Music wise it's actually OK, though the bass just doesn't sound right. It's nowhere near as deep as Wobble's (though is anybody's?), the rest of the track features Levene-like keyboard samples and dancey drums.

As I say it's actually OK, nowhere near as good as the original, but OK. However, (why is there always a however!), the vocals are awful. Why do people try to sound like John, no one can (even he struggles sometimes!). If the guy had just done the vocals in his own style it would have been a far better record. The vocals by "Action Jackson" (apparently not a full time member of the band), spoil the record for me, he sounds more like Kenneth Williams than John Lydon, he even gets the words wrong!

Of the three mixes on the EP the 'This is Not a Dub Song' mix is far the best, not just because it's the one with the least vocals on it, but because it's a far more 'dancey' mix featuring some great noises. The other two mixes are basically alike, the only difference being the length. Of all the tracks on the EP, the one that really caught my attention was 'Rocksteady', a great Hip Hop track heavily influenced by early Africa Bambattaa tracks like 'Planet Rock', excellent stuff... Although this version of 'Public Image' is an improvement on Adamski's 1992 re-working, 'Back To Front', I still feel there's potential for a great 'dance' cover version of the track, lets hope it's an instrumental though!

The EP should be available on both CD single and 10" double pack but If you have trouble finding it contact: INDOCHINA RECORDS, 111 FRITHVILLE GARDENS, LONDON, W12 7JG.


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