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review by Scott M, May 1997 (First published F&F 2)
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BasquiatThis soundtrack (which I first mentioned in F&F 1) was released in April and features 'Public Image' by PiL along with a cover version of 'Rise' by Tripping Daisy. What can I say about 'Public Image', it's easily my favourite ever song, everything about it (bass, guitar, drums, vocals, lyrics) is brilliant, but as for the cover of 'Rise'...

I've never heard a decent cover of PiL and this is just as bad as the rest. I don't know if you're familiar with Tripping Daisy but they're a "wacky" Lo-Fi US guitar band, not really my cup of tea. To give them their due they have tried to give 'Rise' their own sound, but 'Rise' is built around it's dynamic bass, vocal and drum sound. Tripping Daisy have stripped it bare and in the process robbed it of the edge the original has. The vocal style is quite similar, but to me only Lydon gets away with all the hi-pitched whines etc, it is his style after all.

The rest of the soundtrack is pretty dodgy featuring the likes of Van Morrison, Gavin Friday, John Cale and Tom Waits, but it does feature the excellent 'These Days' by Joy division and 'White Lines' by Grandmaster Flash, so along with PiL it's not all bad. I only bought this CD to hear the cover of 'Rise' and so I could review it for F&F. I wouldn't advise any other PiL fans to buy it...


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