The Creepy Dolls (Pete Jones & Fred Suard)
Grand Finale EP



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review by Tim Bucknall, February 2008
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The Creepy DollsThe rocky sound of this EP is as unexpected as it is welcome. Very different to Pete's dark electronic debut 'Twisted', but equally as good. This release sees Pete teamed up with French guitarist Fred Suard. I wasn't familiar with Fred's previous work but the description of "Guitar Wizard" that I've seen used seems accurate. Fred is a master of strange chords and unexpected chord progressions. Geordie from Killing Joke would probably be the most useful comparison.

The 4 tracks here are pop songs in the best possible sense of that word, and have already elicited some interest from South Wales' new XFM radio station.
'Emergency' is a great choice of lead track, and a great demonstration of Fred's clever melodic guitar. As you'd expect from Pete each song is underpinned by a great bass groove.
The Creepy Dolls secret weapon is Pete's voice. It's completely unique. A distinctive voice is half the battle; the other half is carrying a catchy tune which Pete can do easily. Pete's first CD 'Twisted' featured heavily treated vocals and samples, so Pete's voice is something of a revelation.
The second track 'Neurotic' shows that lyrically Pete is still successfully mining the fertile territory of bad relationships that worked so well on 'Twisted' & 'Neurotechnic'.
'Grey Coast' is a slower, reflective, but still forceful track. The final track 'Grand Finale' will please anyone who ever loved the underrated 1982 PiL line-up. A Pete Jones trademark pumping bassline drives the track along. It's topped with fantastic layers of shimmering guitar and a fine way to close the EP.

This is a great EP, and I hope it does as well as it deserves to. I think it's been released at exactly the right time for this kind of music and lets hope this isn't really Pete's Grand Finale…


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