Jah Wobble:
NME, February 22nd, 1992

Transcribed by Karsten Roekens

© 1992 NME


Q: "Where are you and what are the vibes like?"

JAH WOBBLE: "On a bus between Den Haag and Amsterdam, and the vibes are absurd."

Q: "What was the last thing you ate?"

JAH WOBBLE: "Chicken, roast potatoes and peas."

Q: "What was the last video you rented?"

JAH WOBBLE: "Houseguests."

Q: "What was the last good book you read?"

JAH WOBBLE: "Something by Elmore Leonard."

Q: "Name a group that's better than yours."

JAH WOBBLE: "No group is better than mine."

Q: "Which TV shows do you try not to miss?"

JAH WOBBLE: "Football."

Q: "Which groups could you beat in a fight?"

JAH WOBBLE: "Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and her band."

Q: "Which sports are you good at?"

JAH WOBBLE: "Football and table tennis."

Q: "Which public figures do you most despise?"

JAH WOBBLE: "Richard Madeley and his wife."

Q: "Fave cities?"

JAH WOBBLE: "Amsterdam, New York and sometimes London."

Q: "Fave things on Indian restaurant menu?"

JAH WOBBLE: "Chicken Karahi, Aloo Gobi and a naan."

Q: "Most embarrassing records in your collection?"

JAH WOBBLE: "I don't have a record collection."

Q: "Punchline to fave joke?"

JAH WOBBLE: "Now look what you've done, you bastard!"

Q: "Fave journeys?"

JAH WOBBLE: "A13 Stepney to Essex, A4 Heathrow to London."

Q: "Name three great songwriting partnerships."

JAH WOBBLE: "Holland/Dozier/Holland, Ray and Dave Davies, Gamble and Huff."

Q: "What are your virtues?"

JAH WOBBLE: "I have every virtue known to man and woman."

Q: "And your vices?"

JAH WOBBLE: "I have every vice known to man and woman."

Q: "Fave punk records?"

JAH WOBBLE: "'In The Army' – Blah Blah Blah."

Q: "Fave historical figures?"

JAH WOBBLE: "Lord Haw-Haw, Jesus Christ, General Zhukov, President Tito, Buddha, Labi Siffre, Dave Mackay, Molotov."

Q: "Who should replace Bill Wyman in the Stones?"

JAH WOBBLE: "Roman Polanski."

Q: "Worst lyric you've ever heard?"

JAH WOBBLE: "'Move a little bit closer', from a song I heard with vibrato and fake soul as an ad-lib."

Q: "Who's underrated?"

JAH WOBBLE: "Justin Adams and Mark Ferda from The Invaders Of The Heart."

Q: "Who's sexy?"

JAH WOBBLE: "Janet from 'Dr. Finlay's Casebook'."

Q: "What scares you?"

JAH WOBBLE: "Myself."

Q: "What bores you?"

JAH WOBBLE: "A certain side of myself."

Q: "Can you quote a line of poetry?"


Q: "Fave ABBA record?"

JAH WOBBLE: "Knowing Me, Knowing You."

Q: "Where would you like to retire to?"

JAH WOBBLE: "One of those shithole houses around Heathrow."

Q: "Name a record that can make you cry."

JAH WOBBLE:"'Carrickfergus' by Van Morrison & The Chieftains."

Q: "Motto?"

JAH WOBBLE: "Trust me!"


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