John Lydon & Kate Bush:
Q Magazine, November 2001

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The Q Awards 2001


Not exactly a match made in heaven, but the two truly jaw-dropping attendees at the 12th Q Awards were quick to offer each other mutual love.

John & Kate Bush, Q Awards, October 29th, 2001. Q Magazine © Andy Earl "You know what Kate? We are worthy," Lydon announced to the throng. '"Your music is fucking brilliant." In response, she insisted the punk buffer come up stairs and have his photo taken with her. Initially he moaned, "I don't do stairs", like a phlegm-spattered Mariah Carey but chivalry won the day in the end.

At 12:32 a rag-and-bone cart had arrived outside the Park Lane Hotel and a Steptoe-like Lydon disembarked, a roadkill affair doubling as a haircut and a North London urchin attitude undiminished by years of residence in Los Angeles. With him was father John, wife Nora, Lydon Mini-Me and minder John Rambo, and a cloudburst of scary shouty people chanting, "Johnny better win one!" Ooh, suppose he better had...

Bush's entrance was more understated, but was met by - if anything - still greater awe. Famously hermit-like since interviews for her The Red Shoes album in 1993, subsequent speculation has revolved around everything from her mental state to her smoking habits to her romantic life. Her arrival blew all that chaff away and, as she stepped up for her award - presented by Midge Ure, who mistily recalled "when she almost got her tits out for Prince Charles" - a spontaneous standing ovation of Liams, Gorillaz, Lydons and Travises rocked the Q Awards ballroom.

And Bush's reaction? In that tiny, familiar voice she exclaimed: "I've just come!"


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John & Kate Bush, Q Awards, October 29th, 2001. Q Magazine © Andy Earl
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