Melody Maker, May 6th, 1978

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Drummer wanted

This is the original advert that the fledgling PiL (then still unnamed) had placed in the classified section of Melody Maker – May 6th 1978 – looking for a drummer. At this point John Lydon had already been joined by Keith Levene and Jah Wobble. And from these audition's Canadian Jim Walker was recruited. Future PiL drummer Martin Atkins also answered the ad but was unable to attend the audition.

John Lydon later commented: "I went through weeks and weeks of rehearsing with everybody who bothered to reply to my ad in the music press. It said something like, 'Lonely musician seeks comfort in fellow trendies'. I didn't use my own name because then people who didn't know how to play would have turned up and that would have set me back another two years. But the people who did turn up were terrible. Denim clad Heavy Metal fans… Jim (Walker) was the only person I liked from the auditions. He sounds like Can's drummer. All double beats…"

Classified Advertisements (p.30) / WORK / MUSICIANS WANTED /

DRUMMER WANTED to play on/off beat for modern band with fashionable outlook and rather well known singer. - Virgin Records, 727 8070

Melody Maker, May 6th, 1978

Melody Maker, May 6th, 1978


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